Book 2 – Day 17 – Anniversary wishes and al fresco nakedness.

Today is the anniversary of our Handfasting. Two years ago the other half and I stood in the woods and made our vows to each other in front of the elements. The fact that the other half has broken almost every vow we made whereas I have broken none of them is beside the point. Today is our anniversary. The other half gave me a pretty little silver necklace with blue moonstone in it. I didn’t get him anything, I booked the break away as my input. I might pay for him to do one of the adrenaline experiences he likes though, if he can find something he fancies doing.

We’re off to Bodmin jail today, supposedly the most haunted jail in the country. A huge, stone building built in the 1700s. Sadly a lot of it has become so derelict that it cannot be visited, only viewed from a window. The parts that have been restored or at least kept up have been filled with exhibits – a shame as I would have preferred to just experience the building.

Much of the jail felt cold and harsh, there were pockets of sadness and terror. I took lots of video showing orbs and various other movement. There were no spots that I found too disturbing to want to stay and experience though. I would love to know more about this place. I’m particularly interested in how the prisoners were treated, how were they fed, what did they do etc etc. I can see some research looming!

After the jail we went on to a vintage fairground museum. It was fun revisiting the arcades and rides of my youth. We had lunch there. Last time I was away with my Master we had ended up in a restaurant where He wanted to eat, the only thing on the menu that I could eat was eggs. I dislike eggs, they always make me feel nauseous so I just had a drink while He ate – we then found somewhere I could eat and He had a drink while I ate. Anyway, the menu at the fairground museum was a little lacking to say the least – my only real choice was ham, egg and chips. I decided not to ask for the egg to be left off the plate but to try eating it and see if I liked it and if it still made me feel ill. I ate it, it really don’t see why people like eating eggs, they’re not that nice. I felt sick for the rest of the afternoon. Maybe not the best time to try a food that has that effect!

We went back to the cottage. It had rained during the afternoon and early evening and wasn’t that warm. I had planned to take some outdoor naked photos for my Master tonight. I wanted to do them at Golitha falls, a well-known and very popular wooded walk by a fast flowing river. The fact that it had been a wet and dreary afternoon was in my favour as it meant that not many people would have been out walking there in the afternoon. Whereas it’s not illegal to be naked in public (as long as you are not doing anything lewd) it is illegal to cause a public offence. Well…I’m not THAT fat that I would easily cause offence, but the awkward thing is, being offended is surely in the eye of the beholder, so I’d rather just not have people running into what I am doing. They can watch from a distance if they wish, but they’d better keep that distance!

After dinner it had stopped raining enough to go out. I wrapped my white cotton skirt around my naked body and wore it as a dress. I took my red, yak wool wrap with me too. I wanted things that I could easily remove and then cover myself with again. Whereas I have no problem being naked in public, others might have a problem with it. We walked deep into the woods, took loads of photos and then decided that the light was too far gone to continue. The flash photos came out beautifully but the background was starting to fade away to blackness.

We turned to retrace our steps. I suffer from night blindness and have great difficulty seeing things in low light, so I had specifically told the other half to mind that he noted the way we had walked. To cut a long story short – he hadn’t. The river splits into many little rivulets at the point we had walked to, so there’s no point trying to follow a particular one to find the path. It’s also important to remember that many of the seemingly shallow streams are not shallow at all and many are very fast flowing. You can see what’s what in daylight, but not at dusk. It may have been a warm evening but I really didn’t fancy spending the night in the woods with someone with the survival skills of an ice cream on a warm day! I used my phone torch to take a look at the surrounding terrain. After a few moments I noticed that there appeared to be a higher path, it only required scrambling up a 10 foot, very muddy bank to reach it. I mentioned it to the other half who didn’t seem to think it was worth exploring. Thankfully, I chose to ignore him, scramble half naked and barefoot up the bank to find that a simple jump down of around 4 feet the other side led to a wet but firm pathway that led out of the woods. I made him thank me – continually…all the way back to the car!

I insisted on being taken to the pub on the way back to the cottage. I felt that I had earned a drink and crisps. I’d taken proper clothes with me to put on after the photos so at least I was properly dressed. I sat in the pub, scrolling through the photos that we’d taken, deciding which to edit and sent to my Master. I was pleased with some of them but less so with others. There were more good ones that I had thought there would be though.

The moss on the trees and rocks tonight was incredibly wet. It was like leaning on a damp sponge. The water in the river was cool and refreshing, I had expected it to be colder. I probably need a bath or shower before bed tonight but somehow I can’t be bothered. I probably still have mud and moss stuck in places that you really shouldn’t keep mud and moss but hey, its nature, I’ll live! My feet are filthy though, that path out of the woods really was wet! I need sleep more than I need clean feet. I’m going to send the edited photos to my Master and then I am off to bed.


Book 2 – Day 16 – Annoying children and a little spellcraft.

Today is going to be a day of much walking! There are places that I want to go to.  The first stop will be St Nectan’s Glen, a sacred waterfall. I love the place, it’s a bit of a hike to get there but so worth it. I’m wearing a white cotton skirt today, I bought it to dye it but having put it on I think my Master will rather like it as it is. He likes white cotton. There’s a new path open at the waterfall, it takes you past a newly discovered part of the water course. I’m rather looking forward to walking it.

On arriving at the waterfall I was irritated to find that there were children there. As an ex teacher I have been forced to take my holidays at the same time as the children for the past ten years. These days I don’t want to be around children when I am on holiday. Particularly badly behaved, loud ones whose parents don’t seem able to control them. Even worse when they are at a sacred site where people go to find peace! I was more annoyed than usual today as I wanted to do some spell work at the base of the waterfall. I took crystals and ribbons with me for the purpose.

The children took the short route down to the waterfall – so I took the long route, hoping against hope that they would get bored quickly and go away. Sadly, they didn’t. They jumped around in the water screeching and shouting. I was not amused and purposely moved to the other end of the shallow part of the river. I had two spells to complete, the first one for me and the other half was relatively quick and easy. I managed to get it done before the little shits came to where I was sitting on a log minding my own business. I had just started the one for me and my Master when one of the shouty little bastards arrived and sat next to me. I glared at it, muttered a few loud comments about this being a sacred site and how parents should have the decency to control their children and moved. It didn’t help. By now the little rats had spread out – they were both ends of the river and the parents seemed only to be interested in photographing them and smoking dope. I rather hoped that one might venture too close to the weir and perhaps fall over it – it would have given the parents a focus after all and got them out of my way. Sadly, it wasn’t to be.

I found myself a quieter spot – it meant wading through knee deep water and getting fairly wet, but it also meant that the kids couldn’t follow without getting very wet. I quietly put my spell together. It contained two crystals, Red Jasper for Him and to represent Him and for some unknown reason, Bloodstone for me. I chose the Red Jasper for Him for strength, grounding and power, the Bloodstone I looked up later and found it to be for abundance, success and strength. The spell is to bring success to anything that we might do together. I held the crystals in my hands to charge them with energy, His in my right (masculine) side, mine in my left (feminine) side. Normally, I would just draw energy in from the universe and up from the earth, channel it through my heart and into the crystals – they would then be ready for use. This time however, the strangest thing happened; it felt as if there was a huge infinity symbol between the crystals, the energy was whizzing from one crystal to the other in a sort of scribbled, sparking fashion. It just continued round and round between them. I tried swapping hands in case I had got them the wrong way round – nothing changed, it continued the same.

Once the crystals were charged, I wrapped them in a beech leaf. This had two purposes, the first one being to hold then together and not allow them to fall out of the ribbon wrapping and the second to add in the powers of Beech to assist in removing barriers to success and moving forwards. The leaf wrapped crystals were then tied with ribbons, yellow for strength, happiness, power and energy, orange for courage and vitality and white. The white ribbon was told to work as red. In all things magickal, white can be used as any other colour, as long as you tell it what it is supposed to be doing. In this case it would act as red for passion, masculine energy and drive and power. Once wrapped the little parcel of crystals would be hung in a tree at the base of the waterfall. Before that though they would be powered up one more time by being held between the palms and having energy sent into them. They didn’t do the strange infinity thing this time though, they seemed happy to be wrapped up together and behaved nicely. Once powered, I tied them high in the branches of a Beech tree, stated my wishes out loud and left the spell to work in whatever way the Universe sees fit.

After the waterfall we went on to Tintagel. Despite having visited the place numerous times before, I have never managed to get there when the tide is out far enough to allow entry to Merlin’s cave. I wanted to go, the other half didn’t. However, after the disastrous trip to Fowey I decided that I was owed a trip that he didn’t necessarily fancy. It was a good trip, it was fun going into the cave and seeing the waves rushing in the other end. I didn’t find the carving of Merlin though but I did enjoy being in the cave. Another beautiful feature of that beach is a fresh water waterfall that cascades down the side of the cliff and into the sea. The cliff changes from harsh stone to greenery covered and beautiful where the waterfall cascades over it. I love the sea at Tintagel, it always looks a deep, turquoise blue.

Finally we went to St Michael’s Mount – arriving in time to be able to walk across the causeway that is uncovered when the tide goes out. It’s a strange but beautiful place. I’m glad I’ve been but I’m not sure I would go back again.

We arrived back at the cottage quite late – tired and achy and sunburned. I’ve chatted to my Master on and off for most of the day today, I like days like this. Over the past two days it has been decided that I am to start advertising my services as a professional Dominatrix and that we will gradually and discreetly start to make ourselves known as a couple within the world of fetish. I get the feeling that the two of us could make one hell of a success of anything that we choose to do. I’m rather looking forward to seeing where this goes. This is an excellent way of having the best of both worlds. Home, where things are mundane yet safe and easy and what we have between us where things are exciting and fun and often a leap into the unknown. The fact that everything is out in the open and no one is hiding anything makes it even better.

Book 2 – Day 15 – A wobbly rope bridge and an awkward log burner.

My Master and I fell out last night. It just seemed to happen. It seems to happen quite frequently…but it happens and then it’s over with. It’s often a misunderstanding or a presumption that something has been done for whatever reason – I guess two redheads are bound to fall out now and again. Thankfully He and I seem to work in a similar way, we get cross, blow up and then it’s done and forgotten.

I had ‘the’ conversation with the other half last night. The one where I told him where I am in this relationship and how he cannot expect it to be as it was given all that has happened. I told him how sex was simply not on the cards for us at the moment, I can’t imagine swapping energy with one who has lied to me so much. He understood – thank goodness. I told my Master that I had spoken to the other half, I think He thought I had told him I was leaving. I’m not, I have no wish or need to leave. I just needed to straighten out where we each are within the relationship.

I visited the Eden Project today. An absolutely amazing place. I was still chatting to Him as I walked around. Thankfully it wasn’t long into my trip until we got to the point of sorting stuff out. Plants, animals, statues and sculptures, it is an amazing place to visit. The weather was warm today, nice, but also annoying as it meant that the biodomes overheated and the top viewing platforms were closed. The rainforest dome was wonderful, so, so humid though, I came out looking like a damp rag.

After lunch (I managed to find stuff I could actually eat) I went into the Mediterranean dome. This time a dry heat. There were lots of areas designated as perfumed gardens, the scents and colours were wonderful to behold. This dome reminded me of holidays past, the feel and smell of the air and the warm dry atmosphere. I could have stayed in there for the rest of the week!

I walked over a rope bridge today, for the first time ever – OK so it had a plank floor but it still moved as people walked on it. Every time I have tried to cross one before I have given up at the last minute, my most recent try being at Carrick a Rede in Northern Ireland – although I suppose refusing to cross a 100 foot high rope bridge over rocks and sea might just be forgivable. Anyway, that was years ago. I tackled my first one today.

After the Eden project we went on to Fowey, a pretty little fishing village. I didn’t really fancy it when I saw the steepness of the roads. The other half insisted though. I admit it, I muttered – quite a lot. From the car park to the harbour was a 15 minute hike down steep roads – so steep that they had hand rails! All I could think of was the journey back up!

Arriving at the harbour the first thing that hit me was the smell. The tide was out and the seaweed was baking in the sun. I wasn’t impressed but smiled and agreed that it was a pretty harbour. We wandered for a bit, explored for a bit and then ran out of things to look at. I wanted to start the hike back up the hill to the car – I was beyond bored now, the other half however had seen a lighthouse a little way along the harbour and wanted to explore it. To get to the lighthouse meant walking back up into the village and then finding a way back down to the water’s edge. So, off we went. As we neared the ‘lighthouse’ it became very clear that it was simply a light box on top of some scaffolding. The other half then decided that perhaps he didn’t want to look at it now. I was a little tired of being in a smelly, hilly village by now. An aborted, pointless walk was an irritation that I really didn’t need. So, I made him walk right up to his ‘lighthouse’, I made him take photos of his ’lighthouse’ and I instructed him that if he EVER makes me walk up and down a mountainous village for no good reason again, I will very probably kick him.

We drove back to the cottage. On the way there the car lost power. I used to have a car that did exactly the same. I suggested that he stop for a few minutes, turn off the engine and then turn it on again to see if it would reset whatever sensor had made it go into ‘limp’ mode. It worked – thank goodness! I don’t think we would both have survived being cooped up in a car waiting for the breakdown service to come out!

The cottage was cold – and feeling damp. It was raining outside now and we needed a fire. There were no logs or kindling in the shed so the other half decided that he needed to go and buy some. We are in a cottage in the middle of nowhere for goodness sake! Anyway, after a conversation where I suggested picking up some fallen tree, only to be told it was too damp (no it wasn’t, it would soon catch light) and then being told that kindling was needed (again no it wasn’t, twigs or gorse would do just fine) he drove to a garage. I was quietly pleased when he found out that they had no logs or kindling – I even went as far as calling him an idiot when he suggested putting barbecue charcoal into a log burning stove. I offered once more to go and pick up some pieces of tree – he refused again and drove until he found what he wanted.

Arriving back at the cottage he proceeded to light the fire. He flatly ignored my offers of help. It took him two hours to get a meagre fire going before I insisted on helping and finally got the damn thing going properly. Annoyingly enough, as soon as it was burning well, it was time for bed. He then discovered that he hadn’t shut the cottage door properly – possibly why the room was refusing to warm up!

Some days I get a bit bored of being the one who knows how to do things. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to just be a girl. Maybe…

Book 2 – Day 14 – Pussy not cat.

Up early and into the car today…well, that was the plan, before someone decided to close the motorway by driving into various things that are not meant to be driven into. Consequently I got a long, lazy lie in. Lovely!

He didn’t realise what the photo was, I think He may have thought it was the remainder of the bruising from His work last weekend. He replied with ‘Show me your pussy’. I fleetingly considered sending Him a photo of the cat, but then thought better of it. He’s not keen on cats anyway. I got up, showered and took a few photos. I’m never keen on what they look like, He seems to like them though. I have to say, the camera on my new phone is so much better than the old one!

After hugging the dog and kissing the dinosaur goodbye I finally got into the car. The other half is driving. Originally it was going to be my car that got taken, however, my aircon isn’t working very well and the weather is threatening to be extremely hot over the next few days. The other half’s aircon works well so we’re taking his car. The only downside to that is that I really dislike driving it. It’s big, it’s heavy and it’s an automatic gearbox. None of which I like.

My Master seemed concerned when I told Him that the other half was driving. I suppose He has a right to be concerned though as his driving is pretty atrocious. He asked me to let Him know when I left and to let Him know when I arrived. The journey was horribly boring…we drove in silence. Had I been with my Master I would not have been bored. We talk. It’s not even that the other half and I no longer talk where we once did, we just never seemed to do it in the first place. Occasionally it happens and we do chat, but I don’t suffer fools gladly and I don’t converse with boring people easily…so it’s hard. The other half is one of those people who is incredibly intelligent in a very narrow area of life and completely clueless in the rest of it.

I chatted to Him on the way there. He asked me what I would do if the other half wanted sex while we are away. I’m not really sure. I know that I don’t want to have sex with him. My Master seemed to think that I might have to, given that I am married to him. I don’t though, I don’t have to have sex with anyone that I don’t want to and to be honest, sex between me and the other half hasn’t happened for so long that it would feel wrong now. He was the one who took it away in the first place, despite me asking him many times not to do that…then he was the one who lied to me continually for years…making me not want to swap energies with him. Well, he’s welcome to my energy, I just don’t want any of his. I dislike dishonesty with a vengeance. Even after being caught out lying about things he still does it, I found the latest one just yesterday. I didn’t bother getting cross though, no real point, it doesn’t change anything.

I suppose I could ask him to wear a condom. He never has with me as we only used to have sex with each other. Since we have changed the way we work as a couple though I have no idea who he has had sex with and whether or not he would have worn a condom. He knows that the rules of how we work require that he does wear one if he goes with someone, but given how much he lies I can’t risk it. I know I am clean and I have no wish to risk that state. I don’t really want to have sex with him even with a condom, but I guess it’s acceptable if he insists. There’s no point falling out too badly this end of a holiday in the middle of nowhere with only each other for company! I’d like to say that I could close my eyes and think of my Master – but that really wouldn’t work…for so many reasons!

After six hours of driving, with a few stops thrown in, we finally arrived at the holiday cottage. It’s tiny, it’s situated along a lane so narrow that it has grass growing in the middle and it’s cute as hell. I sent my Master some photos, mentioning that the ceilings were so low that he would bang His head. He replied saying that the only thing He would be banging would be me! Now there’s a delicious thought! It’s a gorgeous little cottage though, quite picturesque. Built in the 1600’s and furnished sympathetically. It’ll make a rather lovely setting for the naked photos that He asked me for. Hopefully tomorrow will be warmer – or I’ll buy some wood for the stove and then I’ll get them done.

I chatted to an ex colleague on the way here today. Her opening line was ‘Do you know of anywhere that I can buy a leather corset with restraint rings?’ Given how vanilla she was when we worked together it was a little bit of a surprise. We’re meeting up soon for a catch up, it’ll be good to see her again. I’m itching to know how she went from vanilla to kinky.

The cottage has a bath! I am heading for it in a little while. I was hopeful that it would so brought some rather nice bath products with me. I’m chilly tonight, the cottage has thick walls and stays cool in the summer. Today is cold and dreary so it’s even cooler than usual. I need a nice, long bath to warm up!

Book 2 – Day 13 – Corn dolls and dinosaurs.

Ugh, work! There’s so much I could be doing today. I’m off on holiday for a few days tomorrow and I haven’t even started to pack. Not that I’m taking much, there’s no point. Most of the break will be spend walking in nature and visiting local sights. No room for dressing up or painting my face.

I am possibly teaching a couple of Home Ed kids groups today, IF they turn up. The mothers are great at booking, forgetting their deposits and then failing to turn up on the day. I’ve actually got so disenchanted about this that I no longer bother putting much effort into preparing the lessons and if they do turn up, I tend to ad lib on the day. I’m good at that, a skill learned from years in the classroom.

Lunch happened early today, I was so bored and in need of something to do that it seemed the only way to break the monotony. It had a downside though, by mid-afternoon I was hungry again. A couple of kids turned up for the lesson, I taught them about Lammas, making art straw corn dollies to represent the harvest. Lammas is the first of three harvest festivals in the pagan calendar, this one mainly deals with grain crops.

I sent my Master a photo of an art straw corn dolly and asked Him if He remembered playing with them as a kid. He didn’t initially recognise what it was but by the time I had finished typing the answer He had realised Himself. I’m impressed! We chatted about possibilities for including Him in my tattoo, He sounded concerned and reminded me that it would be there forever. I know that. I want a reminder of Him to be there forever. He is a part of my history and so far He has been a very positive part.

I closed up early. The boss wasn’t going to be back in time to take over and I wanted to go and pack to go on holiday. I needed to go shopping to buy food for the animals and the house before leaving too. I drove home, grabbed a sandwich and went to the supermarket.

In the supermarket He messaged me. I’d sent Him a message earlier stating ‘4 weeks’ (the time period in which I have not smoked). He brushed it aside and said that He would be impressed when it was 4 years, in fact He would reward me at that point – from behind. He always makes me laugh at the most inappropriate moments, I’m sure the other shoppers in the supermarket must have thought I was crazy, wandering around, inanely giggling at my phone. Apparently I will also get a reward sooner – also from behind!

He mentioned that He was disappointed that we couldn’t meet this weekend. I am too, I love seeing Him. He said that He thought He might go to a little town by the sea that we both like, spend the morning begging, the afternoon drinking His takings and then sleep on the beach. He suggested that He might do well with a placard that said He needed money for a kebab and some new tights. I suggested that perhaps He might make more as a rent boy. We discussed some more; how He would charge, what His speciality would be…all of which made me laugh out loud. I got a few odd looks but hey, it’s not my fault that they chose to live boring, vanilla lives. We each have one life and we should be sure to live each and every day of it. If I can laugh whilst doing a mundane task then why not!

I put my shopping through the till. I was amused to find that my savings had come to £6.66. I sent Him a photo of the receipt. He was impressed that I had managed to save the beast! I drove home (eating ice cream) and put the shopping away. By now my little grandson had arrived and demanded attention – which is nice, I love cuddling the little sweetie. He was busy being a dinosaur tonight, wearing a dinosaur suit and saying ‘Rarr’.

I quickly packed, printed out directions (where I am going is so deep in the heart of the countryside that even a GPS can’t find it) and went to bed. Getting undressed I noticed that I had managed to bruise my thigh quite horribly by scratching all day. I must have accidentally eaten something with wheat in (it tends to happen when my sons have their friends around who fail to understand the importance of not cross contaminating things). Consequently I had been itching all day and idly scratching…creating a bruise that covered most of the front of my thigh. I noticed that I also have one on the opposite hip. I sent Him a photo of it, I wonder if He will realise what it is?

Book 2 – Day 12 – Blood and synchronicity.

The sub annoyed me again today, so I set him the task of writing some erotica. He’s not too bad. My work is better but he tried.

Today is a day where I can please myself, I don’t have to get up or do anything at any set time. I love these days. I am going to go and buy some fabric to make my Master a shirt but that’s really all that I have to do today. I want to find some soft, white, pure cotton – I think I can get that without driving too far. I was going to have hypnotherapy today, but I’m really not in the mood for it so I’ve cancelled it. The last session had little to no effect anyway.

My Master is free on one day this coming weekend, He says that we can do something. I feel dreadful…I won’t be here. I am going on holiday with the other half. I couldn’t remember which day I had booked to go away, now that I have checked I see that it is the day that my Master is free. A shame, I would have loved to spend time with Him. Hopefully we can find some time again before too long.

I’ve started to plan my tattoo in detail. It will consist mainly of watercolour work. I love the bright colours. Lots of flowers around a Goddess tree, along with tiny symbols and words to remind me of those who are important to me. No names or dates, I always think those things look tacky. Just little things that spark a memory. I want to include my Master, after all, the idea to actually do this came from a suggestion of His. Whether He is physically in my life for an eternity or a moment, He has still touched it in a positive way that will never be forgotten – so He should be included as a part of what makes me. I really don’t know how to include Him yet though, I’m sure something will come to mind eventually. I’ve asked Him for a suggestion, I wonder what He will come up with?

My friend is visiting tonight, the one who made me think how bratty I was being when I felt sad because my Master slept through what should have been an evening out together. We were supposed to be going out for a meal tonight but various things mean that she is coming to my house and we’re getting a takeaway.

Partway through the evening I received a message from my Master. It said simply ‘What blood group are you?’ I read it out to my friend who found it hilarious – I think her brain had wandered off into wondering what the heck He was planning that might need a blood transfusion! I replied immediately, just stating the blood group and nothing else. The response made me giggle; ‘Fuck!! Me too!!’ followed by a suggestion that I should include a tiny acknowledgement that even our blood is intertwined. I like that idea, it’s just going to take me a while to work out how to interpret it into words or pictures. Each time a further synchronicity is found to exist between us it makes me smile, almost as if we were one and the same person at some point in our souls’ history.

I found the cotton fabric for my Master today, which will do nicely for one of His shirts. I just need to find a slightly different type of fabric (and cotton lace) for the second one. I’m looking forward to making them for Him, they’ll be different to anything that could be purchased ready-made and unique to Him.


Book 2 – Day 11 – Sexy stockings and a stupid sub.

Oh good god I am tired! I completely forgot how much my friend who visited yesterday is capable of draining the life out of me. Normally I put a few barriers up and make sure to protect myself, yesterday…I forgot. I slept really badly, I ache all over, I actually feel fluey – all symptoms of drained energy.

Work again today, and toenail painting. I cut my nails short just before I went away with my Master, they have looked awful since. In fact I was a little embarrassed that He saw me with such messy nails. Normally they are polished to perfection. This afternoon they will be back to their normal state.

I mentioned to Him today how wearing tights under His kilt really inhibits my ability to put my head under His kilt and suck His cock on the dance floor. He may not be keen on public displays of affection, but He doesn’t seem to mind semi-public displays of perversion – which is excellent, because I love them! I have suggested He wear hold up stockings next time, I will look and see if I can find some suitable ones for Him. It’s simply not fair to wear a kilt in front of me and expect that I will not want to do disgraceful things to Him – that amount of gorgeousness is impossible to resist.

I spent time discussing my tattoo work with the artist today. She is fully booked until next year but has put me on her short notice cancellation list as I live close to her – so theoretically I could be finished by the New Year. I am currently tasked with putting together a mood board of what I would like included in the piece. She has assured me that the existing work I have will cover easily as will the deep scar on my back, all I need to do now is tell her what to include. She never does readymade work, all of her work is custom and not repeated on others. I am excited about getting started, I have wanted this for years!

I spent time writing this morning. It meant that I could tell my colleague to be quiet and not try and talk to me. Apart from having to break to do a reading I managed to get quite a lot done. I am so tired today that I have cancelled my course for tonight, I simply do not have the energy to teach it. I want to go home, put my feet up, perhaps chat a little to my Master and do very little else. The other half will be out and I can probably even get my writing completely up to date.

At home I discovered that the other half was not in fact going out but instead staying in to do some sewing. I was a little disappointed. I wanted the evening to myself. Still, no matter. I refused to allow the television to be switched on (I cannot concentrate to write with background chatter) and put my feet up with my laptop on my lap. Apart from occasionally helping the other half to work out how to sew the next part of his outfit it was a peaceful, chilled out evening…until…at 10:30 precisely…my phone rang. The sub actually dared to phone me! I was incensed! I had already instructed him not to bother me by messaging this evening as I was busy, yet he had the audacity and nerve to phone me. I let the call ring out, there was no way I was going to answer it. I messaged him and let him know of my displeasure. Apparently he ‘wanted to play or just have some attention’. I am currently beyond angry with him. I have told him that he is most definitely trying to ‘top from the bottom’ which is something that I am not willing to tolerate and that he can either shape up or ship out. I don’t think I will be taking him to the mansion ball with me now, he’s becoming too annoying. I’m not even going to set a punishment because that is what he is trying to achieve. In fact the key to his compartment door is already in the lock, just waiting on a final turn. It’s probably better if I take up one of the offers from a fellow Dom(me) to accompany me to the ball. At least that way I’ll have someone to chat to. I probably won’t get to play with anyone but I will at least have company.